Hi, my name is Robbie DubBryan and thanks for wanting to know more about me. I was born and raised on the breathtaking island of St. Thomas in the caribbean. Yes my friends call me Aquaman or a merman as I can't get enough of the water. I have a super large complex family and its strange and nuts and well...one of a kind that I love.

      I am firstborn of all my six siblings and when I plan to have kids I think two or more is what would be cool. I started really pursuing art in 2009 but I was always 'that kid drawing or making something crafty.' Every christmas and birthday it was something art related and soon after the family photos of what I had made/drew was shared. I didn't see art school as a thing because I had always been a person to march to the beat of my own drum.

      I had reestablished my art business in 2015 changing my art name and trying to break out of the grove I was in. Somehow I had managed 2009 to 2015 and got 17 millions website views and 22 language translations on my former page. I hope to reach that again one day, but more importantly to reach my viewers and fans as a humble artist.

      With every project I accomplish there is a story of purpose and journey no matter how small. Each thing has meaning for me and to the buyer of whichever item it may be, they can see it, and that means a lot to me. The details or the process of creating it is something I like people to know and connect with. 


      This website was made user friendly and if you want a more direct line of communication just send me a message through Facebook, my website, any form of social media or by email at TheDubBryans@gmail.com.


     I always love to hear from people about artwork, where I can be meet at events or just to chat!




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