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Welcome to my website guys. I'm glad you took a moment to visit and check out whats going on with me. I haven't got much news other than I have edited the website and given a few more touches of my vibe throughout. 



I'm advocating everyone to support me and enjoy all the rewards. There will be digital rewards, physical rewards, discord channel access and even some live chat. I will also do consulting/Q and A and I plan to have a ton of fun with all of you.



I am working on uploading ALL the things I have for sale. Origial artwork, digital artwork, etched glassware, jewerly, handmade cards, stickers, enamel pins and a few other trinkets. 

Branching Out...


 I have a good presence on the internet but with you suport on sharing me through whatever means of social media you use I am able to grow. I will be featuring a worthwhile inside look on my Patreon page with amazing reward tiers. 

I love connecting with people and sharing my story. I think with the launch of my new Patreon Page I will be able to connect more with you guys and hopefully your continued support will launch me to the next level this 2020. I have come so far with you guys over the past two years and I cant thank you enough. 

Full Moon

    2020 will finally see the release of my werewolf comic called Moonborn. This project was something I never let myself gave up on, despite everything trying to prevent me from getting it launched. 

    The book is a true testimonial to what hard work and never letting a dream go away can blossom into. I hope you all are ready to discover the world of Moonborn and get lost in it. 

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